January 27, 2023

South Western Railway developed Pedal operated Rail trolley

South Western Railway Hubballi Division has come out with an innovative arrangement to carry men and materials to the worksite in between stations or in case of emergency to the accident site. Usually during maintenance work or for inspections, rails and materials are moved to the spot manually or by the push trolley.

It consumes more man power and time to reach the worksite and effects special maintenance or re-railment or restoration work. In times of emergency when there is difficulty for the Accident Relief Train to reach the worksite, this Pedal operated rail trolley will ensure man and materials reach the spot quickly.

Working principles:
This Pedal operated trolley works with chain and sprocket transmission system. Once sprocket is fixed on axle and other to through chain, trolley will move forward like a bicycle. It can work in both directions by reversing seat and handle. Men and material weighing upto 1000 Kg can be moved on this trolley at approx 10 kmph speed.

This Trolley is developed in-house using light weight materials. Due to its light weight, it is easily portable. This Trolley has been developed under the guidance of P. Ravi Kumar, Principal Chief Mechanical Engineer and Arvind Malkhede, Divisional Railway Manager, South Western Railway Hubballi Division.

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Anjaneyulu, Sr. DME/C&W, Hubballi led the team of M.G.T Swamy, SSE/C&W/ART/UBL, S.R. Nimbalkar SSE/C&W/UBL and another 4 staff. A. K. Singh, General Manager, South Western Railway said that this innovation is very helpful and improves mobility of manpower and relief materials to work/accident site.

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