The giant Horn bill has become family member to this family of in Karwar


Karwar: The relationships, emotions and feelings are not just limited for humans. When observed closely, the birds, animals have great bondings and sentiments. Here is a giant Hornbill which has become a loved member for a family at Honnikeri village in Ankola taluk of Uttara Kannada district.

This horn bill has become a special visiting friend to the family of Krishnanand Shetti in Honnikeri village. This bird which is usually found in the dense forests of western ghats visit the residence of Krishnanand morning, noon and in the evening and eats foods offered by the family members. There are several houses in the area but this bird visits only Krishnananda’s house.

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Since the day it is visiting the house, it has become the favourite for all the family members. The Krishnanand’s children wait for the hornbill and once it comes, they feed ‘Chapati’, ‘Dosa’, Banana and other eateries made in the home. Children say that ‘Jalebi’ is their favourite food and it loves eating it. They also play with the horn bill in the small trees in the premises of their house.

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This bird which is called as ‘Mangatte’ in Kannada has chosen Dandeli and part of Uttara Kannada district as its natural habitat. After the news went viral that hornbill is a regular visitor to the residence of Krishnanand, many people and their relatives visited their house to see the bird. Initially this bird was flying away on seeing many people at the house but it has become familiar now and does not fly away even when people come close to click photos. 


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